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Helping You SAVE Money

SAVING you Money and Saving our Environment.

Reducing Friction, Improves Performance, Reduces Fuel Consumption and Your Carbon Footprint.

Reducing Maintenance  Costs through less Mechanical Wear, suitable for ALL Types of Vehicles, Plant and Equipment large and small.

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SMT2 The Friction Fighter

SMT2 Universal Synthetic Anti-friction Metal Treatment

  • Proven and Tested
  • Extending Vehicle, Plant and Equipment life
  • Reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs
  • Reducing temperatures at the point of friction by 20%.
  • Reducing friction by 650% and wear by 97%
  • Increasing component longevity and lowering decibels
  •  Improving bottom line profits
  • Comparable with ALL types of vehicles both new and old, large or small.
  • Also compatible for plant and equipment moving parts including hydraulics. For Industrial, Agricultural, Transport, Mining and Marine

Hi Tech Pro Quality Products

Helping You SAVE Money and our Environment

Hi Tech Pro Gold Coast, Suppliers of the latest innovative SMT Products.

Suitable for late and early model Cars, 4WDs, Trucks, Boats, Plant and Equipment. Reducing Friction and Wear thus extending component life by Protecting metal on metal moving parts.

Saving You Money and our Environment by reducing Diesel, Petrol, LPG and Electricity Fuel Consumptions Resulting in less Carbon Dioxide released into our Atmosphere.

Let Hi Tech Pro help you SAVE Money. Through SMT products improving your Vehicles, Plant and Equipment Efficiency and performance. Simply by Reducing Friction.

Why Choose Hi Tech Pro Products

PROVEN, TESTED and REFINED for over 30 Years

SAVING YOU MONEY and our Environment

REDUCING FRICTION, Improves Performance With Reduced Maintenance



What people say…

When I opened my Gearbox there was NO Burnt Oil or Blacked Components.

As you recall I purchased 20 litres of SMT2 in December 2010 for use in both my trucks and my dragster. The dragster was burning the push rod ends off due to extreme pressure and heat, however with the
introduction of SMT2 at 10% that ceased to occur.

Also, we inspected the gearbox which previously relied on oil and another anti-friction metal conditioner called  Roil. When we ran with the same oil and SMT2 at 10% the results were amazing. On splitting the box, we
expected to see the previous burnt oil and blackened components, much to our amazement the SMT2 had totally protected the unit and no blackening existed at all.

For us this shows that SMT2 Synthetic Anti-friction Metal Treatment is superior to any product we have used over our many years of racing.

Thanks and regards,

5 star review

CAT Challenger’s Final Drive brings RPM down to 14ppm with SMT2 added to Gear Oil.

These tractors have 500HP engines and due to the HP being upgraded found that the final drives were wearing out and the subsequent repair bill was AU$48.000. the company that leases them out was looking for a way to slow down or eliminate the wear pattern. By invitation, companies that supply both Lucas and Roil Platinum were invited to donate their products for trial to see if they could help lower the repair bill.

Due to my association with Tony Buckley who went to school with to Lyle Bartley, my name came up in the discussion and next thing I knew, Lyle was on the phone asking me to donate 20 litres of SMT2 as the third option.

I drove out of the Sunshine Coast to Moree and met Lyle in the late afternoon giving him a 20 litre of SMT2 and filling him in on the products features, also asking him to give me oil samples from the final drives. (Two).

After they had conducted the trials it was found that PPM Parts Per Million) were very low thanks to SMT2.

5 star review

US Tests Showed – “Buses achieved an 8% Fuel Savings. While all friction parameters resulted on average, were improved by 17%.”

“In a city bus operation, ten buses were tested over a 15,000 mile maintenance interval using industry standard fluids in the motor and SMT2 at proper dilution ratios, and a wear metal analysis was performed. This showed a minimum of 60% reduction of we-metals, and a fuel saving of 8% was achieved with these buses”.

Furthermore, the proof of the superior anti-frictional properties of SMT2 was demonstrated during tests utilising the BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University’s unique piston Tribometer. The piston Tribometer simulates operational conditions in real piston / bore machines and measures the following parameters: Friction Force, Friction Co-efficient, and Loss of Power due to friction.

We can supply an illustration of the computer monitor screen readings of this test, which compares pure motor oil and pure motor oil plus SMT2. All the friction parameters resulted on average, were improved by 17%.”

5 star review

Cutting the log in half the time with SMT2 The SAW Additive.

A Grafton chainsaw operator Woody reported that the addition of 2 ½ % SMT2 into the Chain & Bar oil caused him to cut a 1 metre diameter log (been in the paddock for 15 years) 45% faster.

Woody resharpened his heavy duty chainsaw and went down the paddock to cut a 1 meter log that had been there for years.

Using his preferred Chain& Bar Oil, it took 4 minutes and 5 seconds to free-fall through the log.

Smoke was issuing from the cut during the last 20%. Woody took the chainsaw to the shed and resharpened it.

He came back and added approximately 2 1/2% to the chain & bar oil reservoir and put a squirt on the chain.

He allowed the chainsaw to free-fall through the log as before. On this occasion it took 2 minutes and 20 seconds and not at any time did smoke issue from the cut. On inspection, we could see that the ragged cut, using oil only, and the smooth surface when we used SMT2.

SMT2 can help chain saw operators reduce the frequency of buying chains and bars, not to mention the huge savings in time and fuel.

See the video recording of this trial on our Video Menu Tab or here:  https://youtu.be/Zaj5gBzlasI

5 star review